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GNAT Week 2023 Launched

Source: The GNAT


The Ghana National Association of Teachers, GNAT, on Monday, October 2, 2023 launched this year's edition of the GNAT Week

celebration at Fijai in the Western Region. The GNAT Week is an annual event which takes place in October with series of

activities geared towards celebrating teachers.


Speaking at the launch, the National President of GNAT, Rev. Isaac Owusu noted that ''the 2023 GNAT Week Celebration is

taking place in the Western Region, because it is the region selected for the Ghana Teacher Prize celebration.''

The Ghana Teacher Prize which is organized by the National Teaching Council (NTC), is one of the key activities earmarked

for the GNAT week celebration. This will take place on Thursday, October 5, 2023 in commemoration of the World Teachers' Day

which is celebrated globally.


Other activities slated for the week includes radio discussions, candle light procession, donation by GNAT to beneficiary school/learners,

open forum, excursions, fun games among others. Some of these activities would also take place nationwide at the regional

and district levels of the association.


Present at the launching were the General Secretary, Mr. Thomas Tanko Musah, National Officers of the association,

Western Regional Executive,  teachers, learners, and other stakeholders.



Teachers Fund Registers 17,000 New Members in 2022

Source: The GNAT


The Teacher’s Fund of GNAT has seen significant increases in membership as 17,000 new members enrolled unto the Fund in the year 2022. 

Due to the collaborative efforts of the GNAT and the Fund, teachers who were GNAT members hitherto not members of the Teacher’s Fund

have now joined the Fund. This has increased the membership base of the Fund and resulted in its growth.




The Board Chairman of Teachers Fund, Mr. David Kattah made this known at the Fund’s Annual General Meeting held in Abankro near Ejisu in

 the Ashanti Region.It is worthy to note that most of these new members enrolled as optional contributors who are contributing above the

minimum threshold of  GH₵ 50. As at the end of 2022, 58.6% of the total membership of the Fund which was 264,966 were optional

contributors to the Fund. There has been 11% growth and increase in the monthly contribution of members in  the year 2022 compared 

to the previous year.



In the recent developments, thirty percent increment in the salary of public sector workers with effect from January 2023 also resulted in an

increase in the disposable income of members hence the affordability to access more loan facilities from the Fund. This caused an increase in

loan applications received from members being far above the projected disbursement for the year 2023, which had a little toll on the Fund. 

From January 2023 to the end of August 2023, total loans disbursed stands at GH₵ 987.50 million which is 118% of the Annual Budget for 2023.



Despite the challenges the Ghanaian economy faced with a deceleration in 2022, the Fund saw increases in its total revenue from GH ₵ 290.44 million in 2021 to GH₵ 340.36 million in 2022 representing a growth rate of 17.19%. 

 This is a prove that the Fund is growing consistently with more contributors and serving its purpose as a source of investment for the GNAT member and also an optional retirement package for the teacher.



Press Release: Teacher Unions to boycott World Teachers Day/Ghana Teachers Prize 2023

The three Teacher Unions in the Ghana Education Service released statement on unresolved grievances of teachers. Below is the statement 

“GES did not consult us over reschedule of SHS 1 reopening” – GNAT laments over decision

President of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), Rev. Isaac Owusu has complained on the Ghana Education Service’s (GES) failure to consult the teachers before making changes to the reopening date.

This comes after the Ghana Education Service issued a statement announcing 25th of September 2023 as the new date for the reopening of secondary schools.

Speaking on Campus Exclusive this morning, he lamented on the failure of the Ghana Education Service to consult members of the Teachers Association in their decision making process.

“They did not consult us as a union before rescheduling the date. Well, that should have been the ideal situation but this is not the first time. You know it is a challenge that is confronting us as a people; when there are stakeholders within a particular jurisdiction a decision is about to be taken, at least the ideal way should have been to consult the teacher unions. But this thing  doesn’t normally happen because sometimes the [GES] feels that as an entity, they have the authority to carry out decisions without consulting other unions integral to the matter of concern.”

Reverend Owusu further urged the Ghana Education Service to ensure that the necessary resources are provided to facilitate activities in the senior high schools.

He also drew light on the effect of the reschedule on senior high schools across the country.

“Well certainly it will affect the teachers, the students and even the other stakeholders, the non -teaching staff. You know when you give a date for a reopening, every stakeholder prepares themselves to meet the set date. So if someone would have wanted to travel because he or she is aware that maybe on the 14th of September I must resume work, that person will cut off if there should be any traveling within that week. But if somebody would have wanted to travel maybe within that two days or a week and then later on and the person later on comes to find out that my reopening date has been rescheduled, you have also cost the person.”

First-year Senior High School and Senior High Technical School (SHS/SHTS) students are expected to return to their schools on September 25, 2023, as directed by the management of the GES.

GNAT expresses worry over drowning incidents, donates life jackets to teachers

Preventing tragic deaths in boat disasters: GNAT advocates equipping island teachers with swimming skills… presents 251 life jackets to members

Rev Isaac Owusu, President, GNAT, handing over life jackets to teachers in Oti Region     

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), is advocating mandatory swimming tutorials for teachers posted to island communities.

The association believes, that will be an effective intervention for teachers to save their lives in the events of boat disasters and sustain the human resource base of the teacher’s front.

The leadership of Ghana’s largest teach­er union made the recommendation at a ceremony to present some life jackets to its members at Kudorkope in the Krachie East District of the Oti Region.

The first half of the year has recorded five separate incidents of boat disasters killing in excess of twenty people including teachers and pupils.

Faana in the Ga South Municipality, Kete Krachi and Atigagorme in the Sene East District are few of the Islands that have recorded tragic boat incidents this year.


In the Island communities, the use of canoes is the only means by which residents commute from one village to the other.

However, factors including excessive overloading of passenger canoes, non availability of life saving jackets, natural cause and other forms of human induced errors continue to pose threats to marine commuters on islands.

The situation appears to be dire in the Krachi East and West Districts of the Oti Region, as teachers and pupils risk com­muting on the Oti River to attend school each day on another island amidst bad climatic conditions.

Narrating his ordeal, a teacher at Ku­dorkope, Addo Prosper explained how he survived a horrific canoe disaster earlier this year in a quest to access money from his bank at Dambai, the Oti Regional capital.


He revealed that the islands were such that if you did not go to town early and return, by 12 noon all canoes providing shuttle services would have closed and you would be compelled to spend extra day or days in Dambai.

With terrifying flashbacks, he painfully narrated that he was eventually saved when the other three members aboard realised that he didn’t know how to swim and was fast drowning.

However, other teachers have been un­fortunate in similar disasters.

The Krachi West District alone has 46 island settlements but only 21 have schools in which trained teachers have been posted.

The GNAT has initiated steps to prevent death of its members resulting from boat disasters.

Consequently, the association as part of its welfare package has been supporting its members on the islands with life jackets.

Kudorkope hosted the brief event to present some 251 life jackets to GNAT member in 18 schools.

The gesture will also be replicated on other islands in other regions.

Addressing the gathering, President of GNAT, Rev. Isaac Owusu accused the Ghana Education Service (GES), of reneging on its responsibility to fulfil requirements of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, urging that the safety of teach­ers on islands were prioritised.

Rev. Owusu proposed to GES not to post teachers who had no experience in swimming to any island community with­out any form of training.

He urged the GES to procure the services of the navy to offer extensive swimming tutorials to newly trained teach­ers whose services were required on the islands.

On his part, the General Secretary of GNAT, Thomas Musah Tanko emphasised the achievement of the Sustainable Devel­opment Goal four which promoted equi­table provision of quality education for all by 2030 and called for swift interventions to break all barriers to education on island and other hard to reach communities.

He said “children born on the islands deserve better education because it is through no fault of theirs that they are born there.”

Source : Ghanaian Times                              

Date : July 3, 2023