Welcome Message

The Association of choice; we live to teach! We are excited to have you on our website, as you join thousands of professional teachers across the Country. GNAT is non-partisan, non-sectarian, and an equal-opportunity teacher union.

We are the only teacher union which truly represents teachers across the whole of Ghana, at all levels in the pre-tertiary education sector. We continue to cherish our members and value their loyalty to the Association over the past 90 years.

GNAT believes in democratic principles and practices, fundamental human rights, rule of law, natural justice, constitutional rule, and constitutionalism, and multi-party democracy. We are interested in national politics and issues; however, we neither make or unmake governments; we indeed work with every government of the day.

It is our hope that this platform would provide you the necessary information you need to know us better. GNAT; your own Association; GNAT; Touch one,  Touch all!


General Secretary - GNAT